Four new hats at The Winnipeg Review

rel_port_winnipeg_review_2I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined an editorial collective at The Winnipeg Review. Shawn Syms, Benjamin Wood, Carlyn Schellenberg and I have signed on to assist Maurice Mierau with the magazine, with the goal of taking over the helm at TWR by 2017.

The Winnipeg Review “publishes online every quarter, with weekly updates, from its eponymous home. Like the inhabitants of this midcontinental city, TWR is always opinionated, occasionally cranky, and ethnically confused. We exist to review literary books, mostly Canadian fiction, and to showcase interviews, excerpts, poems, and columns by writers with something to say.”

Maurice writes,

I am the founding editor of the magazine, which was originally housed, watered, and funded by Enfield & Wizenty’s publisher Gregg Shilliday, starting in 2010. Between now and then, the magazine has reviewed hundreds of books, attracted thousands of readers, published dozens of new writers, caused the occasional controversy (often poetry-related), and given me a great deal of fun … On the less-fun side, in 2013, when the magazine became independent, I took on a lot of the work that was once absorbed by Gregg’s fine establishment on Garfield Street. As a result, I realized this year that I needed editorial help in order to keep fulfilling the magazine’s mandate.

We are excited about the future, and specifically about the great content already lined up for this fall. In Issue 21, released today, the amazing Alison Gillmor reviews the much-hyped Martin John by Anakana Schofield, Michael Prior reviews The Book of Festus by John Wall Barger, and Thomas Trofimuk reviews Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt. It’s a special combined poetry issue with CV2 magazine, so there’s also new poetry by John Wall Barger, an interview with friends of Elise Partridge, and much more.


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