“One Hundred Days of Rain is a Few Too Many”

597px-Starkregen_heavy_rainLots of great stuff in Whether 7, the “Cold” issue, including an entertaining roundtable discussion of James Joyce’s story “The Dead” with the editors of Whether, a video essay by Jesse Krause on “Discovery,” and Andre Forget’s interview with Martha Baillie. I also reviewed Canadian writer Carellin Brooks’ One Hundred Days of Rain for this issue.

Pasha Malla’s thought-provoking piece, “27 Thoughts About CanLit”, is still on my mind, so I used Malla’s essay–and his questions–as a starting point for my review. Malla:

But can the literary arts offer respite from the ills of the digital/late-capitalist age if they are accommodating, even being subsumed by, those very ills?  How can we “only connect” if contemporary writers are not just reflecting or uncritically incorporating the tropes of the broader culture into their work, but limiting their work to tropistic responses—that is, like so many sick plants, bending desperately toward the light?

Read my review here.


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