Nina Berkhout on Cryptozoology & Life Working in the Gallery

gallerycropI was lucky enough to do a 5-question interview with Nina Berkhout for the Town Crier–the piece is live today on the site.

Over the Christmas season I read Berkhout’s forthcoming novel, The Gallery of Lost Species (House of Anansi), for review in The Globe & Mail. I’m finding that author interviews are wonderfully productive when I’ve just reviewed the writer’s work–the questions the text provoked in close reading are still vivid, personal, and so the answers feel especially meaningful.

I liked Nina’s reliance on the novel’s rich cast of characters in her responses:

Through Theo, I wanted to explore the psychology behind those who fixate on their lifework to the point of obsession, to try to forget the past or avoid coping with a personal tragedy. Is it worth it? Is it possible?

I won’t spoil my Globe Books review (pub date is in a week or two), but it’s safe to say The Gallery of Lost Species is a pretty unique novel. Stay tuned.


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