Angie Abdou on self-promotion & the writing life

Between Angie Abdou

I had a lot of fun interviewing Angie Abdou this month on the marketing aspect of the writing life. The interview is live today on the Town Crier.

Abdou is the author of several books, including the Canada Reads finalist The Bone Cage. I reviewed her most recent title, Between, for The Winnipeg Review in October.

There are special demands on writers publishing with small-press houses: they often need to hit the pavement and work harder at marketing & promotion. Angie Abdou has made it her business to juxtapose creation and promotion, but she can laugh about it, too:

The other day I was having a heady moment of texting with some “famous” people and talking about potentially exciting career developments. I shot my husband a note euphorically updating him, and he responded: “Angie Abdou, can you get some milk on your way home from work?” Poof—heady moment gone.

This interview in The Winnipeg Review by Toronto writer Shawn Syms is also worth checking out.


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